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re: I get to work remote! It is also a downside sometimes, but there are a lot of benefits that work to my advantage in my stage of life: don't have ...

As far as the remote work perks go, I feel like I could pretty much duplicate @andy 's list with some slight adjustments...

  • get to chill with my cats all day 😸😸😸
  • I also love some home cooked meals!
  • used to have to 40 mile commute into work (about an hour and fifteen minutes drive each way with traffic!)... cutting that out has been so refreshing!
  • I actually do more laundry than ever because my machine is in the hallway next to me, haha. But clothing wise.. generally, I try not to bum too hard (I think!) but I do have a pretty bummy outfit on right now including drawstring shorts, haha. Woohoo, the perks!
  • and gotta say +1 to the flexible schedule.

There are totally some negatives of remote work too... but this post is focused on the ❀️ (haha, saving myself some writing!)

Anyway, outside of WFH, I really enjoy what I'm doing here with DEV! There are two major areas I cover: promoting articles and content posted here on DEV & helping to support the users of the site (voicing technical issues and modding the site). We have an awesome team of mods ( & that really help to keep DEV content on point and spam-free; they're incredibly smart, passionate folks that want the best for the community and I feel lucky to work with them.

Which reminds me... the DEV core team is amazing! Everyone puts in a lot of effort to help support each other with juggling the different tasks we work on, we all enjoy solving problems, and all of us care about providing a welcoming inclusive community for developers. Lots of ❀️ for the folks I'm working with here.

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