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Michal Bryxí
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Learning on pet projects

I'm a hands-on learner. I can't read through the theory before I try to make something.

At the same time I never found a value in artificial programming exercises like "implement red-black tree" or "sort a deeply nested array of arrays". For me the project has to have a real world application to be interesting.

Last week friend's daughter had a birthday and we decided to prepare a treasure hunt for her. And since I wanted to learn bits and pieces about Xstate I decided to put some time into making one of stages into an online puzzle. It took me few hours to put together and even though in the end I was told that "we're not going to do any tech heavy stage", I am still happy that I got a chance to play around with Xstate and few other cool technologies.

The stack

The repo is available on:


You can play Snoot Snoot! (it's named after my friend's daughter nickname) online on:



If you're a hands-on learner, you should find excuses to create silly little projects like this. They take very little time, you learn something, you have something to show&share and they might make someone smile.

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