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Translation of "Oh Shit Git" in French

A little bit motivated by the #hacktoberfest, I had started to translate the Oh Shit, Git!?! website into French. Personally, I sometimes use it when I commit and then I realize that I forgot just a last little thing or that I made a stupid mistake in my commit message.

Katie Sylor-Miller has just validated the different translation PR of her site. It's now possible to enjoy her work translated into French, even if Git loses some of its mystery:

For the catchphrase, I had some difficulties to choose between "Oh" and "Et". I finally used the second version, which seems a little less rude and brings a touch of fatalism. A sentiment confirmed by a colleague
from Bretagne (hence a sailor) who found the perfect illustration of what you feel when the unexpected happens:

The MOD 70 Virbac Paprec capsizing (1:20) as if you were there!

To be complete, I cannot advise you too much to follow the presentation Katie made for the JAMstack_conf_sf 2019 conference. She explains why and how she made her site evolve. Initially, it was a simple html file that she migrated quite easily to eleventy (11ty), a static site generator developed in JavaScript : Migrating to JAMstack and OhShitGit!

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