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Working in Italy in the time of Coronavirus 🇮🇹

I'm Michele, I'm a computer engineer and I live near Milan. As you well know, Italy is one of the countries most affected by the Corona Virus, so I am here to tell you my work history of the past two weeks.

In Italy remotely working is not adopted by all companies and you can work remotely at most two days a week if you are lucky. For this reason, after the emergency, it was strange for everyone. Milan after the coronavirus was a deserted city because schools and offices are closed, the fear of people was great.

Working for two consecutive weeks from home made me realize that I’m more productive with both my team and my client and this didn’t surprise me. I always thought that remote work was a more productive practice.

I also know that these weeks of remote work are productive for my company's future choices. Many colleagues said they were more productive, and companies are also saving money. When you finish your job you are free, you no longer have to take the train late to go home and this is very important for us.

Unfortunately, my country isn’t having a good time, but I believe that our government, people and health care will be able to fight this virus.
Many companies are losing money and it’s a difficult time for many workers. I thank for having a job that doesn't suffer any blows and I hope that my compatriots in difficulty will recover better than before.

I am convinced that my beautiful country will up, together with China.

Thank you developers,

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Alexander Opalic

Hopefully this will get better until Summer

michelebitetto profile image

Yes, I hope for everyone and especially for tourism