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Developing a Grocery app that works🤞🏽(during a pandemic).

michellescrux profile image michellescrux ・1 min read

First nine dyas of January and it's also my first day of school learning UXID.

In my timezone, I'm technically right on schedule in starting my UX Interaction Design course. I was a day early but anyway, the school's in. The first-day introduction has been by far really good. I also found out that one of my major project in the course involves making a grocery app which I think is the standard for anyone doing UXID.

I am scared quite honestly, but then I've come to terms that things really won't go back to how it was before.I have a vague unease towards that with a faint qualm too. So it only made sense that things shift digitally to combat the threats and constraints that we all have. Though scared, I wanted to put my energy on something good - something that will help me cope and overcome.

I'm keen to know what grocery apps are considered reliable and by far have a friendly UX and UI, and perhaps have a good learning curve for such a time as this.

I've looked for a few which are:

Tare Grocery:
Out of Milk:
Insta Cart:

Nervous but also very excited to create something meaningful despite the ongoing pandemic.

HNY everyone! :)

P.S photo from @gulayatprutas

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