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Chaskiq: The open source alternative to Intercom releases version 0.1.3

Since our launching we have been working hard to bring many improvements and new features to our platform! we've just released Chaskiq version 0.1.3

We expect to deliver more awesomeness in the next weeks. so, stay tuned to Chaskiq's github repo

Panel Redesign:

First things first, we've a panel redesign , so it's more cool than before :)


Pluggin system:

We have architectured a plugin system that handles third party API integrations. There are some categories of plugin that are worth to mention. Also we have already implemented some third party services on top of it.

Plugin Categories

  • Events: This is the base and more generic kind of plugin. the configuration of this plugin can react on specific platform events. Like when a conversation is created, a message is added, an email is changed and so on. The integrations that we have made on this was conversation Sync for Slack and Twitter (Direct Messages)

  • CRM: in this category the integrated plugins will be enabled to receive and send contact information. Out very first CRM we've integrated is Pipedrive , Also the platform will handle external profiles that are sync-able from the panel.

  • Dashboard: This kind of plugin will display information in the main dashboard , you can have as many blocks with different information. The first Dashboard integration we have choosen was Dailytics

  • Editor: This kind of plugin has the ability to extend the text editor and send customized blocks or external blocks as a chat message. Our first integration was Calendly.

Editor plugins can be found in the editor menu


Calendly example:


Webhooks Support:

Webhooks are an important part for platforms like Chaskiq if you need to keep track or listen events on other applications. Chaskiq provide a way to deliver specific events to specific URL provided by you.


We expect to deliver more awesomeness in the next weeks , so stay tuned

Check out the github repo of Chaskiq we will be happy to help and answer your questions.

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