"git nah" and more handy Git aliases

Michi on December 01, 2019

A while ago I posted an article on undoing changes in Git, but some of these arguments or flags just don't want to stick in my head or, I use them ... [Read Full]
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Nice post!

Some of the examples are broken.
The = is part of the config syntax but must not be present on the command line. For example

git config --global alias.c = "commit"

should be

git config --global alias.c "commit"

Instead of specifying branch name develop, which might get executed on another branch out of habbit, why not get current branch first? Search for ggpull and use its implementation :)


"Pushup" - to push commits from a (new) local branch to its (new) upstream:

git config --global alias.pushup "! git push --set-upstream origin \$(git branch | grep '*' | cut -d ' ' -f2)"


It is sometimes recommended to use "pull --rebase=merges" instead of just "pull --rebase".


This is really good stuff! I would just make sure to not use git nah if I already pushed my code to the upstream.

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