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Cover image for Learning by vueing - Learn Vue interactively
Michael Z
Michael Z

Posted on • Originally published at

Learning by vueing - Learn Vue interactively

Learning a new framework can be a daunting task. Sometimes you just want to see what the technology has to offer, maybe borrow some ideas and simply have fun exploring something new. Svelte has done an amazing job with their interactive tutorial. So I did something similar with vue.js.

Introducing learning by vueing.

If you have ever wanted to check out Vue without going through tooling or docs (although the docs are very good), I hope that this makes it more approachable and fun.

You will learn all of the basics of Vue while giving you the opportunity to play around with the framework yourself. It also comes with an introduction based on your technical background. So if you are currently using react, angular, Laravel's blade, etc., give it a try!

Please let me know if there are slides that are hard to understand.

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