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The first ever shorts based content on programming for keeping up with technology ( Java, Javascript, Kotlin, DS & Algo ... )

I am experienced developer and used to follow different blogs, sites and other resources for keeping up with the technology. I always ended up spending more time reading the whole background instead of getting info on the crux of the matter.

This gave me the idea to a create a community where the core concept /topic is presented as a short of 30 second read called "ideation". An ideation is represented using images and rich text with emphasis and highlights on the relevant parts. The ideations are self contained and concrete in explaining a single topic. Each of them may have links to other ideations that are related.

The ideations are presented as simple swipe flow that brings up new content each time you swipe. You can also follow a specific subject to see content from that subject only.

The app currently contains over 250+ solid ideations explaining the topics and core concepts on

  • Java Alt Text
  • Javascript Alt Text
  • Kotlin Alt Text
  • React JS Alt Text
  • React Native Alt Text
  • Data structures Alt Text
  • Algorithms Alt Text
  • Database ( DDL & DML ) Alt Text
  • Spring framework ( including Spring boot, testing ) Alt Text
  • Application security ( vulnerabilities ) Alt Text
  • Version control Alt Text
  • Basic Linus commands Alt Text

As you can see, the app has coverage on the topics for a full stack developer.
The app is currently in beta and is free for the first 1000 users.


  • Simple swipe gestures for ideation switching
  • Linking to related ideations
  • Freezing of a topic of subject to follow shorts on them
  • ideation series ( Ordered list of shorts forming a concept )
  • Ranking , upvote, downvote and favorite options
  • Search and save ideations
  • Notifications on new ideations as reminders to learn
  • Registration is not mandatory ( You can check as a guest )

If you are someone with interest and experience in the programming languages or concepts, you can start creating ideations and become and ideator. We plan to build this as a community and also incentivize and monetize the ideators based on their contributions and reach.

Register as an ideator

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