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Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍 for Mid Meet Py 🎙️

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Mid Meet Py - Ep.6 - Interview with Steve Dower

PyChat (Python news):

Pydata UK joint meetup with multiple chapters in UK yesterday, awesome talks about TensorFlow Probability and How to expend Pandas capabilities

Global Pydata conference calling for organizing committee

PyData Dublin starting with a round of Monday talks from the 18th

Release of Napari 0.3.0 with many new features

Naomi Ceder is the first keynote speaker announced for EuroPython

Learning aid for Vim Learn Vim while playing a game

Py Hall of Frame:

Interview with Steve Dower, Python tools developer at Microsoft and core CPython developer

Follow Steve on Twitter

PyPI Highlight:

Napari - fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer for Python

Kedro - a best-practice scaffold for ML and DS pipelines

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