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Titanium News #11

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Ti 11.1.1.GA was just released and there are already many new items merged into the next Ti 12.0.0!

Titanium SDK

Beginning of September Ti 11.1.0.GA was release with some new features and bugfixes:

  • Android snackbar support (PR)
  • continuous update for ListView scrolling (PR)
  • Android add position to TableView scrollToIndex (PR)
  • parity for Ti.UI.ListViewScrollPosition.* (PR)
  • updated Android libraries
  • viewShadowColor parity (see Ti News 10)
  • fix tabgroup layouts in iOS16+ (PR)
  • optimize movestart/moveend (PR)
  • ios: no hard-crash for invalid URLs (PR)
  • be able to drag and drop without explicit editing mode (PR)
  • facebook module update

and much more. Make sure to read the release notes

11.1.1.GA is a quick bug fix release that fixes three issues:

  • fix touch issue on Apple Silicon simulators
  • fix deprecation warning crash
  • fix compiling Android modules So make sure to update to 11.1.1.GA!

Next version

Much work is already going into the next big release and some PRs are already merged:

  • Android: deleteNotificationChannel
  • CLI: ignoreLog to hide unwanted logs in the CLI (more infos)
  • Android: expose Picker color (PR)
  • Android: optimize module build (better cleaning and excluding example folder in build process)
  • deprecated + removed items in the documentation are gone now! Quicker to find the correct one now :)
  • Android: TabbedBar colors (textColor + selectedTextColor) to match iOS parameters

There are sill many PRs waiting in the queue! If you find an error or need a feature make sure to go to Github issues and add a request!


Modules get updated and new ones released! Here is an overview about some changes and new modules

perhaps I've missed some :-) Always make sure to check the repo of your module from time to time.

Ti merchandise

Image description

because I couldn't wait and the weather is getting colder I've set up a personal Spreadshirt shop with some Ti merchandise:
Still working on it and add some more designs but you can use it already :-)

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

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