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Titanium News #12

Older posts can be found here.


Many module updates, some previews and news about the next SDK.

Titanium merchandise

Show the public that you work with the best mobile dev framework 😉


I've set up a personal Spreadshirt shop with some Ti merchandise:
Will add some more designs in the future.

Titanium SDK

A few new PRs have been merged to the Titanium master branch and will make it in the next release version 12.0.0.

We start with new Android layouts. The next release will bring you Material3 layouts:

  • Theme.Titanium.Material3.DayNight
  • Theme.Titanium.Material3.DayNight.NoTitleBar
  • Theme.Titanium.Material3.DayNight.Fullscreen


of course you can use every other Android theme. And with that you will have a new helper function Ti.UI.Android.harmonizedColor(color) that will generate a "harmonizing color" of the color you are passing in (PR).

An old iOS issue was fixed where unbalanced view controller transitions caused errors (PR).

Android drawer events work correctly now if you just use a rightView and no leftView (PR).

A very "hidden" error in Listviews was fixed on Android that could cause a crash when e.g. a HTTP request is completed but the activity is gone already (PR)

The default template and documentation was updated.


New PRs are waiting for a review to get merged:


Check for a full list.


And again many module updates and some new ones to check out!

Titanium Freshchat SDK:
Use the native Freshchat SDK

Titanium Parse SDK Module

Titanium iOS Notification Service Extension
An example implementation of using a native iOS Notification Service Extension (to display images in remote push notification) in Titanium.

Again some big updates to the tailwind class library for Titanium

Github Actions
Want to use Github actions to build your Titanium app? Two actions will help you with that task

Ti.Animation Rive support
I'm currently updating my ti.animation module to support Rive animations. For a preview video have a look at:


Added a new tutorial to find memory issues in your app with Androids "Don't keep activities" setting. You can find it at From zero to app - Android: Find bugs with the “don’t keep activities” developer setting.

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

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