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Titanium News #13

Older posts can be found here.


Titanium 12 RC is available! Material You support, Dynamic Island support and many module updates.

State of JS survey

If you read this before Dec 15th you can still participate in the "State of JS" survey:
This year you can select "Titanium" in the "other" field of the mobile framework questions.


Every vote counts!

Titanium SDK

The first RC version of Titanium 12 is available. Check for the release notes. Here are some highlights:

  • support for Dynamic Island (PR - docs will come soon

  • update to the default app template

  • new UI for the iOS error messages:

  • Android 13 build target and Material You support:

  • many updates to the Titanium SDK documentation (examples, images, UI fixes,...)

  • included modules are pushed to the latest versions (facebook, map, identiy,...)

  • updates to the Android module build process: cleaning before building and excluding the examples in the ZIP file (smaller files)

  • iOS: no more empty grey box if you disable autocorrect

  • more Android search field color options:

  • fixed Android DrawerLayout events for the rightView

  • CLI config option ignoreLog to ignore some Android logs. Example in the PR

  • Android: expose picker color

  • Android: tabbedbar color properties

  • only one command is needed to create an Alloy app now: ti create --alloy! No more ti create and alloy new in the folder.

All the PRs are in the official release notes. Check them for examples and to see what else is inside the 12.0.0 RC.

Now it's your turn!

Download the PR titanium sdk install 12.0.0.RC, change your tiapp.xml and give it a test run! If you'll find bugs make sure to report them at


This time was a big push for the Titanium modules like maps (iOS 16 features like LookAround were added), facebook and other first class modules But the community didn't rest either and created new modules and made updates!

Demo apps


During an "app speed dev" challenge I've create a simple UI and released the app code at:

See the time-laps at

@maccesar used his PurgeTSS library to recreate that layout:

Be sure to check both versions!


If you are new to Titanium SDK make sure to checkout the tutorials at From zero to app and get started with Titanium to create mobile apps for iOS and Android.

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

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