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Took me 2.5 hours how to speed up this page

Justin Jackson
I’ve been working in SaaS since 2008. I was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout, and have consulted for startups in London, San Francisco, and Portland. I help software devs with marketing.
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Whelp. I spent 2.5 hours trying to optimize images and improve my PageSpeed Insights score...

Only to find that it was a live chat widget was bringing us down to a 76. 🤦‍♂️

Once I removed it, our PageSpeed score shot up to a 98. 🙄


Google says page speed is important for search rankings. We'll see if this works!

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Michael Großklaus

How was the widget included?

Like this?

<script src="widget.js"></script>

Then try to do this:

<script src="widget.js" async></script>


<script src="widget.js" defer></script>

and move it into the head (usually before stylesheets, but depends on the script) if it wasn't there already.

That should make Google pagespeed happier!