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Getting Started In CFML: A Resource List for Newbies

If you are going to learn CFML in 2019, you need the best resources available. In this post I'll share tutorials, video channels, and even podcasts you can use to help you begin learning CFML.

I will do my best to keep this list up to date - feel free to comment or message me with links or updates.


These tutorials are (currently) the best way to get started with CFML. You can learn all about the syntax, see plenty of examples, and be off and running quickly.

Learn Modern CFML In 100 Minutes

This is a fantastic resource for new CFML devs, and covers the gamut from CF's underlying architecture (Java, compilation vs. interpretation, etc.) to the basic syntax , data structures, and concepts of the language.


I did my share of reading on this website when I was first learning CFML, and I still use it for some topics now and then. While these tutorials are a little aged, they are helpful in that they focus on specific topics such as XSS protection, Caching and OOP.

Language References

When you're learning a language, it is vital that you be able to learn about the exact function you're using - is it arrayFind() or arraySearch()? These reference sites help you know which functions do what and exactly what the syntax is, and even provide some examples.

This is hands down the best reference website out there for CFML syntax and functionality. Every tag or function is documented with notes on engine support, deprecation notices and even some examples. These docs are entirely open-source and community supported, so if something is missing you can send in a pull request or shoot me an email and I'll update it myself.

Lucee Reference Docs

The Lucee docs focus on syntax for Lucee's CFML implementation and tends to be more accurate and up-to-date than CFDocs. (After all, it is maintained by the Lucee Foundation as well as open source contributions.)


The CF community is awesome and always willing to help a newbie out. Check out these resources to get started learning from the community.

CFML Slack

This Slack group is the epicenter of the nicest, handiest, most helpful programming community I know of. When I can no longer bang my head against the wall, I come to this Slack chat to get help from devs whom constantly answer questions from noobs like me!

Lucee Forum

The Lucee Forum is a great place for Lucee-specific discussions, whether that be concerning the language, the roadmap, documentation or other general issues. I've been browsing this forum a lot lately and joined fairly recently because I like to stay up on the Lucee news.


Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. Listening to a good podcast will bring you in contact with other ideas, tools and programming techniques that you didn't know you didn't know.

Modernize Or Die Podcast

Ortus is tackling the CFML podcast space with their Modernize Or Die podcasts, and they're doing an awesome job of it. For news and tips, check out the CFML News edition. The VS Code tips are especially useful for beginners. The Soapbox edition is great for wider discussion-type stuff, and may help you keep your overall goals and focus tuned for success.

Video Channels

Sometimes it's just easier to learn from video. These tutorials should help you get started with CFML in 2019.

Getting Started with Adobe ColdFusion (2016 Release)

This is a great selection of video tutorials showing how to program in CFML. This tutorial focuses on programmers with very little experience, so you may find the pace a little slow in the earlier videos. Still, it is fairly comprehensive and does a good job of explaining concepts and tag syntax.

Adobe Coldfusion 11 Tutorials

This playlist tutorial may be useful to you, but based on its age (created in 2014), its focus on tag syntax, and its left-ear-only audio, you'll probably have more luck elsewhere.

My Twitch Channel

Yep, this is a shameless plug for my live streaming channel. I live code every Friday evening, and I may work on anything from writing a CFML URL shortener to building a ContentBox blog. This would be a great place to see how I write CFML and ask me why I do X instead of Y.


CFML is a very easy language to learn in terms of syntax, but there are differences in how the language is structured and configured that take time to sink in. Hopefully this big list helps you get started

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The Heroku link no longer works (as Heroku have discontinued their free tier). is available as a redirect to a Slack invite link now.