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I have a background in design thinking, management and development over the last 10 years.

I run a multi-disciplinary branding and web agency called Copper Note based in Richmond, Virginia. We work with companies up and down the east coast, especially the DC region.

I am most familiar with PHP-based content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, though I consider myself a full-stack developer.

My passion projects include:

  • Rdio Lovers, a 650-member slack group for ex-Rdio users looking for a new home.
  • Play Later, a new music album release service to mimic Rdio's experience.
  • 93.7 FM WRIR, a local, independent radio station serving the underserved and unheard.

You can find me online at mikengarrett.com and on Twitter: @MikeNGarrett.


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Great to have you Mike!