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Hella Resorsaz 4 Thomas 2Get Started With AWS

mikey profile image Mikey Battiston ・5 min read

Ah, hey

Thomas, please believe and understand that you can create AWS account and use many of the services of free (for up to a year) :^) So suss it out myfriend™

Look mate, it's just for AWS, alright?

I’m not sure how exactly it works with for Azure and GCP, but trust me, they all really want your EternalCloudSoul®. So it’s safe to say that there will probably be similar, if not the exact same offering at GCP and Azure. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that idrk about Gloogle GLoud and MichaelSoft Azshure, so the rest of this is just gonna stick to AWS :^)

Okay, Let's Just Get Started Then, Shall We!

Great, Yeah.



lol jokes aside, if you’re just after an understanding of what AWS is all about, then the here’s some stuff that will definitely help. Firstly,

What is Cloud Computing?

This liked AWS page provides overview of Cloud Computing, defines the different types of Cloud Computing, outlines how Cloud Computing works and finally, lists what the benefits of Cloud Computing are in a number of contexts. Plus, it has a case study! Wow! There are also many links!
Click 'em if you want to!

If you're hungy for more info

Here is some more info,

It's kind of like a

description of the types of Cloud Computing

Anyway, I guess by now y0u're probably asking yourself what any reasonable person would be...

What is DevOps?

Well son, the link above takes you to magical, far away place, which not only defines DevOps but distills it to it's most pure essence, the most sacred and holy

✨DevOps Practices✨

Hosanna in the highest! Now be warned, for the legends tell, of a powerful, grand gnostic force which binds any mortal who dares read the DevOps Practices, to live by them by the practises. The legends say that if we fail to live the by DevOps Practises...
Well, idk, I’ve just been livin' by them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

More q

Papa, what is AWS?

Well Thomas, check out this page on Cloud Computing with AWS, it's a very, extremely brief overview of how AWS is your #1Choice© for all your Cloud Computing needs.

Also, as above, this page contains many links (and logos!)

The real treat is what's next though. You’re not gonna believe what’s next!!!!! 

:-0 this is unprecedented!!!!!! 0-:

But Mike, What of AWS' Global Infrastructure?

Well Thomas, I Think It's Time We Had A Chat About This Page Which Gives you some insight as to why AWS' Global Infrastructure is great. The page also outlines the 6 Incredible Benefits of The Cool & Good AWS Global Infrastructure or as I, but not one single other person likes to call them: PARSL.
Again, these are the benefits, which are yours to gain, when you're an AWS customer:

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Low Cost

So, I Know Everything About AWS Now. So What Do I Do?

Idk, maybe write a list like this for someone else! You'll be surprised with that you learn from it :) or don't :^)
If you want to try out some other things to try, you should try trying out these, the following things to try out now...

Create That AWS Account, Thomas!

Yee, give this a crack: Head to the AWS Knowledge Center to Create and Activate Your Very Own AWS Account. Aw!

Hey, once you’ve done that tho

☮️ Get Free, Man ☮️

Do it tho, sit'own and get familiar with how AWS Free Tier works.

Also, please know that if at any point you’re interested in the specifics of Free Tier, well... errrr... click that link back there!

Look, this is great and I appreciate the effort, but I'd really just like to leave now... (How do I actually do anything on AWS?)

Well! I'm so glad you asked Thomas! When it comes There are also MANY free and online courses run by AWS.
Like, these courses are fully 🤙🏽Luncho PaidForo🤙🏽 if you catch my drift😎
Yeahm, so check out the The AWS Builders Online Series or the old Build Your First App On AWS!
and you know what, if you’re not into Python (fair tbh), try out the same tutorial with of the many supported languages:

Also, GitHub has a lot, can't forget Git'ub maaaate

There are sooooooooooooooooo many resources on AWS Labs and really, just on GitHub in general. There are some real interesting and creative things too, like goformation, which is exploring how to generate tools which can be used to generate CloudFormation! It's preeeeeeettyy sweeeeeet duuuuuuuuuuude 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Finally, here’s another must have resource: A huge and ultimate Awesome List containing
maaaaany resources as well as other lists, which contain
maaaaany resources as well as other lists, which contain
maaaaany resources as well as other lists (and links!).

It's a repo called awesome-aws and it makes $3000 per day, from it's bedroom. Find Out How, Now!

Okay, actually, just one last thing

You’re not gonna learn a thiiiiiing from those old and crusty AWS white papers (including the new ones).
Don’t get me wrong, AWS white papers are valuable and they have a lot of value and are basically what I would call "valuable". Jokes aside, they are great and have a lot really specific information in them, but that’s the exact reason why I think they’re not really a great fit for someone just trying to learn what AWS is all about.

Just get in there and start learning some thiiiiiiiiings :)

If you need any help or have questions just hmu alllllllllllright (^:


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