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I updated my resume

mikey profile image Mikey Battiston ・1 min read


I hope you like to read about me!


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Jeff Derbyshire

Does this style resume generate results?

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Mikey Battiston Author

The good and short news is that I have a job now! So yes? haha HOWEVER... (it's a big however!)

This resume style really didn't do me any favours.

The majority of feedback I received was:

  • It's too jokey, it's not professional enough
  • It's too wordy, no one wants to read that much, they want bullet points.
    • "Can you add a page that highlights your skills/toolsets in bullet points"
    • "Can you add a page that highlights your key responsibilities at each work place. Just a sentence or two"

On top of recruiters not really being into my resume style, I found that they would end up heavily editing it or re-formatting it, to fit their standard formatting style. Although, most of them said that they always reformat the resume's of the people they put forward.

All of that said, the target audience for this wasn't recruiters. In fact, there wasn't really a target as such and I guess I was more focused on being myself, as unapologetically as I can, as opposed to adhering to the normalised conceptions of a Great Engineer®.

So was it the resume style that didn't do me favours, or was it me?

Should I "drop the lulz style and become an awesome engineer"? As a hiring manager at Atlassian once directed me to do in 2013? Well, I'm glad I didn't, as they later admitted publicly that their notion of a "awesome engineer" turned out to be a "brilliant jerk".

So, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ you know?! :)