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Not Everything Is Code, as Code

mikey profile image Mikey Battiston ・1 min read

It'd be cool to shift or extend the thinking on DevOps practices like Everything-as-Code (EaC) to apply it to the wider business. I think opening up these practices has massive potential to add hhheeeaaapppsss of value to a business. It's a fair argument though, that the practice as it is would no longer make sense because not everything is code.

We should be thinking about how to apply what's actually adding the value in EaC, which is that if you use Git (and CD to some extent), most things can be as tested, reviewed, repeatable, re-usable as code is, without sacrificing collaborative ways of working.

It's definitely more complicated than "make everyone use Git and Markdown instead of word" and I know it's something that requires a massive investment, but I think it's worth it.

Unfortunately I feel like it's something that we probably won't see in businesses until familiarity with writing code or working with code is ubiquitous, which may never happen?

Anyway idk cya later ;)


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