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My experience with hand on APIs workshop By using postman.

My hand on experience of learning APIs 101 with a postman workshop is amazing. before this workshop,I didn't be familiar with what is API and how it's work? It's my very first workshop from where I practically learned about API. How the speaker is clarifying is very considerable along with this the session was intuitive all through. after going to this workshop I observed how it's straightforward and how easy to use API by using such a best API like the postman. It has an extremely easy to understand interface.
Also, I find that by using postman API we can store data in a coordinated manner
, there are tons of resources accessible for users, easy move to code repositories moreover, it's a very good API for developers to create, share, text and documents APIs.
I recommended to all that ought to go to this sort of workshop it significantly gives a practical demo of whatever you desire to learn. In the end, I want to say that creating an account on postman is very simple and do check out postman API

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