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Where did the Watson Assets go?

Where did the Watson Unity Assets go?

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If you are looking for the Watson SDK for Unity or the VR Speech Sandbox, they are now only available through GitHub and IBM Developer. Here are the links:


Still need answers? Check out a few I’ve already answered a few times today. I may even update this list as more roll in.

Will this impact an existing project that already includes the SDK and/or the VR Speech Sandbox?

No. But if you want an updated version, you’ll need to grab it from GitHub.

Will the assets still be maintained?

Yes. There are no plans to deprecate maintenance on either the SDK or VR Speech Sandbox.

Can I submit feedback?

Feel free to report an issue or submit a PR in the respective repo.

Where can I find release notes for the SDK?

On the repo wiki!

This is a great question, and ultimately why I think the SDK deserve to live on GitHub exclusively to keep it closer to the release notes. Our IBM Cloud services and SDKs are maintained and enhanced in an agile fashion, which means change happens often. Keeping the code closer to the release notes keeps you, dearest developer, in the know.

I’ve never used GitHub, how do I pull the SDK into my Unity project?

You can download the SDK and unzip it, then move it into your Unity project folder by dragging and dropping into your Project window or into the directory.

Alternatively, you can use the command line an git clone to your project directory but you’ll need to have git installed.

If any of that is intimidating, leave me a comment or DM me on Twitter.

Let me know what you are working on or looking forward to in this exciting new year! If I can point you in the right direction I’m happy to help with all things Watson, AI, AR/VR, and beyond.

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hi I'm using unity 2018.4 and visual studio community 2019, I am trying to make a VR app using Watson Assitant but every time I import the VR speech sandbox SDK. I get a lot of errors. How to tackle this?

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Amara Graham • Edited

There have been a number of breaking changes published since this blog was written. I no longer work for IBM and have not touched the Watson Unity SDK for close to a year. If you are a looking for assistant, I would reach out directly to the IBM team -

Make sure you indicate what kind of errors you are seeing so they can better assist you.