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How to answer the job interview question: "Tell me about yourself".

Have you ever found yourself in hard times when the job interviewer asks you to tell him/her about yourself? Well, in most cases, this turns out to be the hardest part of your life if it is your first interview. In scenarios such as these, I think you can start your interview with the S.E.A.T structure which I'm going to explain here.

When the interviewer says to you at the very start of your job interview, "tell me about yourself", make sure you use the S.E.A.T structure. You can remember this structure because you will be sitting on a seat.

  1. S - stands for the skills and qualities you can bring to the role.

  2. E - stands for the experience or educational qualifications you can bring to the position.

  3. A - stands for the significant achievement you have gained in your life so far.

  4. T - finish off with the type of a person you are and what you will do in the position if they hire you.

*That's it!! *
Let me know your experience from your first interview and any other tips that you can share.

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Really helpful!

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Mitchell Mutandah

I'm glad that it's helpful.