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Shahriyar Al Mustakim Mitul
Shahriyar Al Mustakim Mitul

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Learn AWS for FREE from top 10 Resources

Let's see what are the best 10 resources for learning AWS:

  1. AWS from QWIKLABS

  2. Edx from AWS

  3. AWS Training and Certification

  4. AWS Homepage

  5. YouTube Channel

  6. AWS Free Tier

  7. AWS Well-Architected Framework

  8. The Official AWS Podcast

  9. AWS Documentation

  10. Twitter Handles to follow:

  • Andrew Brown : founder of ExamPro and AWS Hero, creating awesome certification guides and Twitter Spaces for everything cloud

  • Alex DeBrie: AWS Data Hero, creator of The DynamoDB Book and the oracle for everything Serverless

  • Danny : Cloud Consultant, Technical Writer, AWS Certification Guru helping cloud starters at all places

  • Marcia Villalba 🦄: Content Creator by heart with a great YouTube Channel for AWS learnings focused on Serverless.

  • Simon ☁️: Multi-Cloud Expert, Fullstack Engineer, and Technical Writer posting learnings about AWS, Azure, and GCP.

  1. Bonus: Twitter Thread:

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