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Verify Your 📧mail With Sashido And Parse Server.👩‍💻
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Sashido is a platform that helps developers create functional and beautiful apps. It takes good care of your infrastructure,Scaling,Security, database maintenance,backups,Parse Server deployment to give developers the time and energy to focus on their business idea. Sashido eliminates the time spent on Back-end connecting, database maintenance, security, Scaling.

Sashido and Parse Server parseServeruses Webhooks to handle requests, responses from a client to the server.


The block code below shows us how Parse Server handles passwords requests

    .then(() => {
        // Password reset request was sent successfully
    }).catch((error) => {
        // error is a Parse.Error with an error code and message.
        console.error("Error message:", error.message);

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First off,you mustRegister and Login to Sashido.

Click on Getting Started > Create an App> Then Go-to Appsettings > onAppsettings > go-to Emailsand Hosting💪.

Follow The Steps And Secure Your Email With Sashido

Sashido looks like this

Email Verification work flow

  • A user is mailed a link with
    which they can choose a new

  • The user should use the link
    forwarded to choose_password_Html
    to select a new password

  • The user submits their password
    and they will receive a
    confirmation that a new password
    has been successfully created

  • If maybe a malicious user
    attempts to reverse engineer
    the password, they are sent to

Email Verification Work Flow

Email Verification WorkFlow


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