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MJ Abadilla
MJ Abadilla

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Visual Studio Code debugging for TypeScript files and Mocha

I found this great article. A little outdated but still worked after some tinkering.

Debugging TypeScript in VS Code without compiling, using ts-node

If you run into issues check my configuration:

So this is why I need to debug.

I'm not really into algorithms and competitive programming but I feel like my brain needs some practice so I started LeetCode-ing. Not a fan of the interface so I made a VSCode project setup with TS/Mocha. (Is anyone interested with the template?)

Sometimes my brain can't handle the stress of console logging so I need to step by step understand the code/process I'm in.

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maxoid • Edited

what is VIRTUAL studio code? -)

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MJ Abadilla

Thank you for pointing it out. Lol

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Antonio Quintero-Felizzola