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Manuele J Sarfatti
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Where does luck end, and privilege begin?

I've seen children of millionaires insisting they are self-made, and I've seen first immigrants building their success alone in a foreign country with a foreign language infusing their stories of references to their own privilege.

I have a gut feeling that by labelling too many things with "privilege" we weaken this very term, but I have a hard time drawing the line.

If you feel like, would you comment with two personal stories, one that you label with "privilege" and the other with "luck"?

I'll start:

I have the privilege of having a morally and economically supporting family, which allows me to take a certain dose of risks.

I had the luck of enjoying software development, which gives me a degree of economic freedom that few have.

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Thank you for pointing this out, I find myself thinking about it often.

I have the privilege of being European, which allows me to access education and to travel and work within the EU.

I had the luck of finding a part job at the university, so I could continue my studies.