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Nevertheless, Mary Codes

I started/continued to code in 2019 because...

It was what I was supposed to do. I can tell in the way that I hunger for it. Teeth gnash through documentation. Eyes spiral in delight at the abolishment of bugs. I hunt for mentors and feast on the knowledge wrought. I was supposed to be a developer all along. The mania within me renders.

I deserve credit for...

My appetite for asking questions —good questions. I can go down any rabbit hole and pull out a rabbit triumphant. I will go there, I will learn more, and I will conquer.

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

Choose passion over pay. Integrity over celebrity, and the fascination with becoming a hero and helping fellow man. The society that clambers atop one another for recognition and rewards over logic and better planning should be the nightmares of yesterday. I can see it coming.

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T Abbas Khan

Keep going...!!! btw, did you major in computer science by any chance? not that it matters to be a programmer but was just curious