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An Introduction to UX

This post is about what I studied about UX for the Apple Developer Academy selection process.

Throughout the post, I talk about product, understand product as a service, software, anything that anyone can use.

What is UX?

UX means User eXperience, defining the relationship that one person have one product ( service, software ).

The relationship between person and product can be measure in terms of experience user, this experience may be NEGATIVE or POSITIVE.

UX = bigger preocupation with the user

The UX still has the function of merging User Goals with Business Goals.

Micro & Macro

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The User eXperience can be as much in a MICRO aspect, for example, the reformulation of user experience with a website shopping car( more related with the nice design), as well as MACRO, for example , such as the desire to buy, of brand trust (more related with the user feel and sensation ).

What isn't UX

Have in mind that product interface is not UX. The interface it's part of UX.Don´t forget, the user experience references the use of something.

It's not about a method, science or tecnologie, but the relationship between person with a product.

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How make/project UX?

It’s not about project the experience, but project for the experience. For example, not is possible project the happiness of someone when making a purchase. However, it’s possible do something to user have a happy experience.

For example, if you want user feel safer for make a purchase, then is projected an environment that transmits security, as an indication of a padlock ( representing data confidentiality ).

Don't forget that you don't project something for you but for the other, therefore always imagine how the other feel. One of the most ways do make this, is use the aproach of "User-Centered Design", where every action are based what the user wants and what the user needs.

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How to Define The Objective of your Product

Before we start talk about objectives, keep in your mind that a good product is one that meets your expectations. So, if you don't know your product proposal well, maybe you have difficulties explaining this for someone.

So before you define your target public, define your product well. Don't mind putting too many features into one product, leave only what is really needed. Otherwise, the user may has difficulty using your product, triggering a negative experience and making that the user don't use your product again.

What is a Persona?

Personas are documents that describes fictional people, based in results of a search with real users.

It's interessant interview extreme profiles ( that bring both positive and negative positions to your product proposal ), making a amplitude of characteristics of public.

To trace a good persona, isn't enough look Google Analytics for example. Is necessary sit and talk with the users, because this way, it's possible know much better the necessities of user.

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The personas can be much util and generate benefits for your design team when used as a connection between search phase and a information architecture ( content structuring ).

The personas from to point view of Marketing, often take into account demographics data, labeling users. It may be that this type of persona acceptable in advertising campaigns, but you won't be able to make design decisions thinking about User eXperience with only this.

“Demographics can cause assumptions, shortcuts in thinking, and subconscious stereotypes by team members.” Indi Young — Describing Personas

Process of User eXperience ( in Garrett's view )

This process is constituted per layers, whose overlaps go of a level more abstract to a more concrete.

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Strategy : regards what is expected of the product ( of point view from who want offer a product / service ) and too what users want.

Scope : survey of requirements and specs of functionality and characteristics that the product may has and how the project will be lead.

Structure : define how content will organize, defining what is less important and what is more important to be displayed and found by the user e how to fit this in the technical specifications and product usability.

Skeleton : when it draws an organization of the elements that make up an interface, including considering what types of components are best suited to display as information and enable features for users.

Surface : It's the final interface, what the user will see and interact with.

Conclusion 📙

I liked study about UX universe and sure I will not let to study about UX. Recently I started a read The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman and found much interesting your approach about peoples and products.

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Very useful!! It helped me a lot on my developer academie studies too. I lov u <3

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