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Process and Outcomes from Release 0.1

I have chance to work with partner, Suhhee Kim. It is very impressive that all the students create their SSG application with various programming languages. Before Suhhee and me test and review code each other, we have faced the environment setting issues. This is because we are using different Integrated Development Tool (IDE), different library, and programming language. It is very surprise me that even we create same purpose application, the code is completely different.

The good things about someone else review my code are whether my application operates well on different device or not and finding a bug and an error that I could not find. The SSG application that I made operates well as expected. However, even though, her testing environment is identical as my testing environment. The result is different. She found the errors that did not show on my testing environment. This is very important because my app should run other environment or testing environment without error. Before I have testing with my partner Suhhee, I pretended my application indefective. However, she found various error that I could not found it that she helps me to make better application.

The issues that came up while I was testing with my partner are h1 tag wrap around whole paragraph in the text file, duplicate style tag in head tag, suggest adding more intuitive explanation when user wants to see the options, and dist folder including html files supposed to be deleted not overriding the files and folder. I found the error that her application could not the text file argument that has space between the file name. The most errors can be resolved. It is very simple mistakes. Glad my partner found the issues.

Our professor, David Humphrey said the developing software is never ends. Now I realized what the meaning of what he said. I pretended my application is indefective. But there must be hidden errors that I could not found. Be sure code meticulous and review and test by others.

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