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Vaclav Mlejnsky
Vaclav Mlejnsky

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I am building an app that makes your terminal collaborative and team-friendly. Would you use it?

Hi folks!

Like any developer, I use my terminal a lot during the day. Recently, I switched from VSCode to Vim so the usage went even up. But when working with my team I often felt like the experience is somewhat broken. Often I found myself copying and sending short command snippets on Slack and then searching for them a few days later, taking a screenshot of my terminal output and sending it to my coworkers, or asking my teammates what version of a CLI tool they are using. This got me inspired to work on this project - a terminal that is more team-centric and collaborative.

The app is called Sidekick, here is the landing page - Sidekick isn't a new terminal emulator. Instead, it's an app that runs alongside your existing terminal emulator. This way you don't have to switch to a new terminal app from your favorite one. Sidekick is something like a command center for your dev team.
Some of the features are:

  • Hassle-free terminal session sharing with your team. It's done through WebRTC and it's collaborative for both sides.

  • Share & pin commands with your team so you don't have to send it to each other on Slack and then search for it 5 days later.

  • See what projects are your teammates working on in the realtime.

  • See what tools have your teammates installed and their versions.

  • Be able to search in your team's shell history.

I would love to know your feedback on this and learn more about the problems you have when using terminals in your team.

Happy to answer any questions! Thanks!

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Alex Janke

Seems interesting.. I couldn't see a Github link so there are some questions:

  • Self hosted or do you host it?
  • If you host it, where and how? Who processes data?
  • Free/Pricing.. ?
  • Do you explicitly create new snippets or does the app just track every command I enter?

Can't really see that much of the app itself, maybe add a little video on your page so it's transparent on how the app actually functions?