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DevDiary: 4 Reasons I Started My Tech Blog in January

Hello, Dev Community 👋

Today is the last day of January, which is a significant day of reflection. We started the year off with some intentions, and we may have already fallen off with some of them.

When I form my goals for the New Year in December, I don't just lay out the goal and break them down into steps -- I detail the 'why' and only pursue it if I make that why so compelling that I jump out of my seat.

When I wrote down the 'why' behind starting my tech blog, Books on Code in 2020, I went a little crazy. I was ridiculously excited to get started.

My Four Reasons for Starting a Tech Blog in 2020

Reason 1: Join Public Discourse about Coding

My initial reason for starting Books on Code was to have a reason to jump into the developer conversation. As someone in a state of transition in development, it was essential to write about not just the person I am currently, but to be an advocate for learning and to help propel myself toward who I will become.

Reason 2: Fight Imposter Syndrome

Currently being faced with imposter syndrome and the scary sense of feeling inadequate in my own skills, choosing the narrative of empowerment through tech blogging has helped me listen and see how so many developers feel in the same place.

Reason 3: Form Connections

Putting myself out there, again and again, is like exposure therapy to a fear of rejection. My approach with my blog in the first month is to create and publish content so fast that I don't have time to doubt it and pull it down! I am here to genuinely get to know other developers. I see this as the baby steps to (joining or starting my own) podcasts, going to conferences and networking events, and feeling authentic in the tech space.

Reason 4: Solve Problems

My greatest goal is that I want to listen to the developer community about problems that they are facing that nobody is solving -- and then embark on solving those problems.

Books on Code was not my first idea for a blog. When I wrote up a series of ideas, I discarded it immediately. But the idea grew in the back of my mind until it became the only obvious topic to write about -- because it is something I am uniquely qualified to talk about.

Tech Blog Successes in January

In January, I couldn't be more happy to have produced 8 articles and two PDF guides, to have connected with a community and to join the conversation.

I am grateful to be here and to continue participating in the public conversation about coding, learning, and growing toward skill mastery.

If you're interested in hearing more from me, sign up for my email newsletter on Books on Code or catch up with me on Twitter.

I will see you in the next post.

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