Breathly – open-source breathing training app built with React-Native

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I just published Breathly: an open source breathing training app built with React-Native.

mmazzarolo / breathly-app

A breathing training app built with React-Native



License: MPL 2.0 styled with prettier


Breathly is a React-Native mobile app that allows you to focus on your breathing You can use Breathly for daily relaxation and breath training: just choose a breathing technique and focus on the guided exercise.


Breathly Breathly

Breathly Breathly

Breathly App landing page


In this repository you'll be able to find the source code of the Breathly mobile app.

Breathly is a small React-Native app that I developed on my free time in 2018 for playing around with the React-Native Animated API.
With the incoming React-Native's hook support (in 0.59) I decided to get back on it, rewrite it with hooks, and also release it in the Play Store and in App Store.

I hope the source code will be useful to someone.

Features / Stack

  • React-Native and TypeScript
  • React hooks
  • All the Animated animations are using the native driver
  • Type-safe Context + useReducer usage (pretty similar to Redux)



Any kind of discussion or feedback is warmly welcome!

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