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Matteo Mazzarolo
Matteo Mazzarolo

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Searching Jira tickets with Alfred

I can't stand Jira slowness.

To me, the worst part of it is using Jira cloud's sluggish UI when I'm looking for a specific ticket.

That's why yesterday I created an Alfred workflow to search for Jira tickets.

Multiple issues result
Single issue result

The workflow is triggered by the jira keyword, followed by the search query.

You can download it here.

Under the hood the workflow uses the /rest/api/3/issue/picker endpoint to return a list of issues matching the Alfred query.

It's smart enough to return a list of issues if your query is a word, or a specific issue if your query is a ticket number.

The workflow setup still has a huge margin for improvement: I haven't built an authentication flow, so it requires some manual setup (that I abstracted into two workflow environment variables).

A domain variable

Part of the Jira URL.

E.g. helloworld, for

A header variable

HTTP header used in the API requests.

You should add here your authentication token (JWT or cookie).

Personally, using the cookie session token is enough for me for now.

E.g.: cookie:cloud.session.token=eyJraWQiOiJj....

I'm using the workflow on macOS.

It also need jq to be installed.

You can find the workflow source code here.

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Javier Aguirre

Thank you for releasing it! I’ll try it tomorrow 😀