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A Dice Game... as it was then and as it is now #reviewyourself

A few days ago, I found an old folder on my pc that dates to the time when I was starting to study web development.
Inside this folder I found an exercise I made up to practice which consisted in developing a dice game for two players.
Obviously, it's a very simple code, but looking back at it I was surprised the way I developed it and I realized how different I am now both as a developer and as a person.
The interesting thing, as well as revealing the use of bad practices, was reviewing the logic with which I faced problems and found solutions, following paths that I hardly recognize as "mine".
So, I decided to put on codepen both that old version of the game and a new developed version as I would develop it now, leaving the frontend scaffolding intact, changing only the JS logic.
I did this just for fun as now, being a backend developer, that’s not what I’m focused on, but I think this can be a good exercise in general and can help to understand yourself, looking from the outside and observing your own path to improve.


If you get inspired from this and post something alike, please use the same hashtag and let me know in the comment section :)

Here are the two versions of the game:

Old Version

New Version

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