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How to get a job as a Python/Django backend developer roadmap

A while ago I designed a Django Developer Career Roadmap for those who wish to start in this field and enter the software industry market.

I’ve recently created a GitHub repository and updated it with some new stuff.
Check out the repository if you wish to become a Django developer or strive to improve your existing skills!

p.s. this roadmap assumes you have knowledge in python and programming fundamentals

If you have any suggestion or you wish to improve the roadmap, feel free to open a pull request in GitHub!

Happy coding 🙂


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Thank you for making this roadmap, so that I can study efficiently, greetings from me Learners from Indonesia

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Mohammad Moallemi

It's my pleasure to be helpful, If you had any question or suggestion feel free to comment or open a GitHub issue!
Happy Coding!

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Saifur Rehman Khan

Thanks for roadmap. Can you share some resources to learn these advance topics, I already know Baics of API and authentication.

Thread Thread
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Mohammad Moallemi

I would always suggest official documents whether it's for Django REST Framework or Celery and RabbitMQ.
I've collected many resources through out time in my telegram channel:
Search for specific keywords and there must be a couple of valuable results for each topic.
Happy coding!

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Stefan Wuthrich

Looking for a Python Developer Job? checkout my Python Developer Job Board

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Hi freinds, thank for share this, I would like you to tell me if maybe you have a project roadmap that I can do along with this roadmap