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Koda: the year of the Tanuki

Originally posted on my blog

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the delay, but the begining of the year was kind of a rush!
You mays have noticed some change on the site, including its name.

But the main main topic here will be "Koda, Kiyomori’s Guardian !".

"Ok, but what is it?"

"Kiyomori’s Guardian !" is a game where you control Koda the Tanuki (a forest spirit), who has to fight the corruption of his home, the forest of Kiyomori. It's a 3D plateformer realized with Unity.
We are a team of 15 people including graphist, game designer and programmers. We make it in the scope of a school project and we aim to present it at the Gamagora GameShow which is organized by our school.

The Koda's team
I am the blond dancing one in the middle

We got to develop it until end of March and there is a metric tonne of task to carry out. I believe we are motivate enough to carry them out.
Feel free to visit our page on Facebook or our Twitter.

In a few words, stay tuned I shall speak about it again soon.
In the mean time, do not hesitate to ask about the project, I cannot promise to answer to everything but I will do my best.


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