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10 Reasons Why Remote Web Development Is Better for Your Startup

When launching a startup with all the strategies, unique products, advertising campaigns, sales predictions and retail plans, is there anything else that requires careful planning? The full stack web developer pool and financial expenditures are of high importance for anyone who decides to start a new business. You will definitely need high skilled dedicated team to be able to execute all the main projects for your potential customers. They will be the ones to work on your product of course. HR management might seem an easy task at first, but it should not be underestimated. Hiring great devs is quite a challenge, you’ll need to find that precious golden middle between the candidates’ skills, experience and full stack developer salary.

Where to Find an Ideal Remote Full Stack Developer and Other Statistics

In fact, there are two ways you can hire a dedicated team for your project: look for a full stack developer to work in the office or hire remote developers. Software development outsourcing is another option for hiring a dedicated team. WhiteLane reports that in 2016-2017, in Europe alone, there were over 4600 unique IT outsourcing contracts, the total annual value of which exceeds $46 billion. Moreover, client satisfaction with the overall performance makes 89%.

US, as one of the leading IT markets, tends to remote work. According to the report of the American Bureau of Statistics, in 2016, 22% of workers did their work out of office, meanwhile, 43% of people with the degree preferred to work off-house. These tendencies have strong financial justification. An employee in New York that is based in office, costs the firm $10,000 per year, these expenses paid for office and furnishings. Meanwhile remote employees costs only nearly $1,000 per year in furnishings. $500 in perks to be added to either of the above, - Adtmag explains. FastCompany states that by 2020, the majority of people are expected to be working remotely.
In Ukraine, as AIN states, IT sphere holds 24% of remote workers. Each remote worker saves up nearly $655 annually. In 2017, there are 123 thousand of registered freelancers, 83% of which work in the IT sector.

10 Privileges to Hire Remote Developers

Although in-house employment might seem to be a good old rule that works, remote work has much more advantages, some of them presented in the article published in Remote.

1. It’s cheaper

Companies that plan to increase the level of outsourcing claim that cost reduction is the most important driver, according to "Remote".

2. Lower stress

Working in the office often implies more stress, starting from the daily getting to work and ending with the unpleasant color of the walls in your office. There are many stressful things about office jobs that people might not even notice. At the same time, as a remote worker you’re the one solely responsible for your working place, you can work from your cabinet or a hub, according to your personal preferences. No wonder, 82% of remote workers claimed to have lower stress at work.

3. Greater engagement

According Harvard Business Review, remote workers often demonstrate more engagement with their supervisors and colleagues than those who work in office workers. Moreover, due to video conferencing tools, 87% of remote devs feel more connected, as recent study shows. Good remote programmers have practiced various methods to become very productive working out of office. Moreover, such employees tend to improve and upgrade their skills and knowledge.

4.It’s the future and it’ everywhere

People who work remotely tend to do it for longer period of time than in-office employees, according to New York Times. Computer/information systems in the USA tend to quickly move toward the scheme of remote employment, in 2016 remote embrace 57% of remote work, while in 2012, it was 54%.

5. Greater efficiency of workers.

“SmartStatistics” writes that remote teams of devs usually demonstrate greater talent and experience than local programming firms. This is simply explained by their global orientation, these devs work with the global marketplace, so they are more aware about the global technologies and trends.

6. Better communication between the team members

In this case, efficient communication is a forced phenomenon. The working team holds various online meetings, chats and sessions, he brief are very clear, specifications are transparent and the feedback is also provided, “Remote” informs.

7. Better hiring experience

The process of hiring and gathering new remote team members is much faster and more efficient.

8. Continuity of work

Work is not interrupted by loud colleagues, coffee breaks, snacks and other unnecessary interruptions. 86% of survey participants claimed they preferred to work alone.

9. Focus on business

While the outstaffing company will take care of the physical work on the project, the business holder can actually take care of the business issues like advertising or development strategies.

10. Job satisfaction

Adtmag writes about a 2017 survey that reveals job satisfaction. 53.3% of respondents claimed that when considering a new job, remote options were a top priority. At the same time, 63.9% of developers reported that they work remotely at least one day a month, while 11.1% - work remotely full-time. The highest job satisfaction ratings are from full time remote developers.

How Much Do Remote Developers Earn

Codementor published the list of the most paid remote jobs. Europe is in the middle, while the most costly freelance devs are in the United States, Australia and New Zealand with their hourly payment of $70. Ukraine has the lowest average rates of $44 per hour, which is 40 per cent less than in Switzerland.

Developer earnings differ not only depending on his skills and experience, but on the country as well.

Python developer salary in UK is $26661-$59987 per year (Indeed), in Germany $58715-70458 (Payscale), a Ukrainian python software engineer makes $20700 per year (DOU).
Full stack developer in United Kingdom earns between $53322-$79952, in Germany full stack software developer’s median salary is $54924 (Payscale). An average full stack developer in Ukraine makes $19,200 annually according to DOU.

Java developer salary in UK median salary is $46283 (Payscale), in Germany it varies between $51660-$69270 annually (Payscale), in Ukraine a java software engineer earns $21600 annually (DOU).

As of the rates, AIN presents the following payment rates for Ukrainian developers, intermediate and advanced front-end dev makes between $15-50 per hour.


Hiring a dedicated developer team for your project is no longer a challenge, because due to communication technologies and remote management techniques you now have options of going remote. Due to outstaffing or outsourcing you can build your dream team with less cost and time spendings. Despite reliability and experience, the tendencies of in-house employees are going back into the past, with the global forecasts for half of the workforce to go remote by 2020.
Remote web developer jobs are gaining popularity, and with more effective tools to workflow management, you can hire the best team for your start-up from any point in the world.

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