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Types Of CyberCrime

1) Hacking
In simple words, hacking is a task in which hackers access your computer or server without your permission.

Hackers (people who ‘hacking‘) are basically computer programmers who understand the computer’s advance and generally abuse this knowledge for a variety of reasons.

They typically have expert-level skills in special software programs or languages. There may be many previous intentions of hacking, but the most common are – greed, fame, power etc.

2) Theft of FTP Passwords
This is another common way to tamper with websites. FTP password hackers took advantage of the fact that many webmasters store their login information on a well-protected PC.

Hackers search Victim’s system for FTP login details, and then sends them to their remote computer. He then logs on to his website through his remote PC and modifies the web pages as they like.

3) Virus dissemination
Computer viruses are a program that infects a system or file. These tend to be broadcast by other networks on the network.

They disrupt computer operations and affect store data – either modify it or delete it altogether.

Unlike the virus, “Worms” does not need a host. They are still replicated when they do not eat all the available memory in the system.

Computer viruses are typically spread through removable media or the Internet. A flash drive, CD-ROM, magnetic tape or other storage devices that are already infected with the virus. Along with this, email attachments, websites or infected software are also vulnerable to viruses.

When a virus arrives on a PC, then it spreads on all PCs by the network. All computer viruses are due to direct or indirect economic damage.

Based on this, two categories of viruses have been created:
Which are only spreads and do not cause intentional damage.
Those who are programmed to cause the loss.su_spacer]
4) Logic bombs
A logic bomb also called “slag code”, is a malicious code, which is deliberately inserted in software to excel the Málcio Task when triggered by a special event.

It is not a virus, yet it usually behaves like a virus. It is secretly inserted into a program and it remains inactive until it has a specific condition. They become active in a specific condition.

For example, the infamous “Friday the 13th” virus only attacked specific dates; It used to attack the day on which the 13th of the day came on Friday and slow the system down.

5) Phishing
Phishing is usually done by email spoofing. It looks like this email has come from your back but in fact, they are fake. Clicking the link contained in the user is taken to the fake website. Here, whatever information they fill, they go to hackers.

Make sure to check whether it is safe before clicking any link included in the e-mail.

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Missing the (D)Dos here. Very common attack vector. Otherwise good article!