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Which Website is The Best For Freelancers

Freelance websites for Beginners

Hello everybody, hope you being well. In this article I will talk about freelance websites for beginners. If you don't know what platform for freelance to choose, read the article.

There are a lot of websites for freelancers. First things first, you need to try all of them to make a decision. Before signing up, action all links and check the main page on a website. Thus sign up on website you liked.

Table of contents

Before you make a decision

Answer on these questions:

  1. Does the design of a website is handy for you?

  2. Do you understand the links?

  3. Where do you need to click to find a customer shortly?

  4. Are you ready to use it every day?

Freelance is a work, don’t forget about it. Freelance website will be for you as an office. And that’s why you need to feel free yourself to use it. There are websites, which design looks old and not understandable. Craigslist and Wikipedia, as an example. That’s are great websites, but their design knows mammoths.


Craigslist main page


Wikipedia main page

How many freelance websites to choose?

It will be better if you choose several websites for freelancing. If you just started your freelance way, you don’t have offline customers. When you start on two websites or more together, you boost your work several times.

I chose Fiverr and Upwork).

The cons of working on several freelance websites

It has underlying potential problems. I mean, you can receive several orders from each website you have signed up. It’s kind of rare but still.

What website to choose for freelancing?

  1. Fiverr

  2. Upwork

  3. Freelancer

  4. Peopleperhour

  5. Dribbble

  6. Behance

Let's go deep in each website.


If you want fast-freelance, Fiverr is made for you.

On Fiverr you can start from $5 for service. Then, after receiving some good reviews, increase your price. If you have offline customers, you can put a higher prices for your services as well.

Fiverr Main Page


Upwork is a great way to start working from home if you are a professional and want to "fight" with another experienced specialists from all over the world. On Upwork you can earn more than on Fiverr. That means you can put $15 from start and increase a price after receiving a few good reviews.

Upwork has two ways for taking an order. You can search a job in a feed or publish a project and wait a customer.

Upwork Main Page


Freelancer is a large freelance website. A lot of people / company are working on this website. I like the notification feature on Freelancer. It sends you an updates of a recent projects. It means you can find a project ASAP.

Fun fact about Freelance, it has 50 million users. That's impressive.

Freelancer main page


If you prefer paid for hour, it's a nice website for you. There are not so many freelancers if compare with other websites, it's another plus of peopleperhour.

peopleperhour Main page


Dribbble it's a portfolio-inspiration website. You can put your portfolio or find an inspiration of design or something. By the way you can be hired by a customer.

Dribbble Main Page


Behance is like a Dribbble, but on Behance you can show full height of project. If you are a front-end developer as me, and you need to show you website, Behance is better than Dribbble. On Dribbble you can show a fix width and height image, I use it as a teaser of a project.

Behance Main Page

If I forgot about a cool websites for freelancing, use comment to share it.


In the end, I want to tell you that freelance — it’s super exciting. Take your time and don't give up! Fill your profile, create a gig / a project for your future customers, reply to the messages ASAP and just wait.

If you like it or dislike it, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe as well.

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