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take a break!

We often hear advice such as work hard, sleep a little and advice similar to this, but little talk about breaks. We become like machines, and we only run for work and if we take a break we feel guilty. So let's talk a little bit about your break!

I decided to write this article because last week it was a little difficult. Last week I felt very frustrated, I lost the desire to do anything, I was feeling a lot of pressure in my brain, I was about to take over and quit learning programming that I had started 5 months ago, learning every day without stopping, I deprived myself of almost everything except for learning programming, I did not watch any movies, I did not go out for a walk, I did not meet my friends, I reduced my sleep hours significantly, I even shut down social networking sites and forbade myself from taking a break because I thought it was just a waste of time. The result was that during the past week I was feeling close to depression, so I finally decided to take a break, and this was the best decision. After the break, I went back to learning programming with more focus and more energy.

why breaks is so important?

break is not just entertainment, it has many more benefits than you can imagine. Here are some benefits of taking a break:

  • Breaks help you to process and retain information

  • You’ll get a better sense of the bigger picture

  • You’ll be more creative

  • Breaks can help you cultivate healthier habits

  • Taking regular breaks helps you be more productive

you can read more details about this benefits on this article :

Plan your breaks time as well as you plan your work time:

When you plan for tomorrow, set times for breaks and do what you love in your breaks, watching a movie, spending quality time with your family, going for a walk, and in your breaks time forget everything related to work Just have fun. we are humans and not machines and we deserve some breaks.

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