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Mohammed Hamza Malik
Mohammed Hamza Malik

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What is JavaScript?

First of all I want to say something important, you all are or might be aware of programming language Java, it has nothing to do with JavaScript okay so lets move forward.

Today anything from anywhere around the world is available, thanks to Internet. We can buy clothes, order our groceries, book flight tickets and much more. But wait a minute, how are we able to do such things? We are able to do such things just because of some people crazy people who wrote some hundred thousands lines of program using some programming language.

JavaScript is lightweight, flexible and interpreted programming language. With the help JavaScript we can add different features in our web application which makes the user experience simple and easy. It can be used in Front-end (i.e. the client side) as well as Back-end (i.e. the server side) of a web application due to which all the web developer loves this language.

It was first introduced a way back in 90’s in 1995 as to insert different programs to web pages and applications in the browser known as Netscape Navigator. And because of it’s simplicity and functionality all the major web browsers adopted JavaScript. Since then many changes and upgrades are made in this language and the modern web applications on which you interact and move around just like this DEV site, is possible.

As I said earlier that Java has nothing to do with JavaScript, many people started using the popularity and fame of JavaScript for marketing purpose. Then a standard document was released which was about how the JavaScript language should work. This standardization was done by Ecma International Organization. Thus JavaScript got another name known as ECMAScript. Hence it was used at many places and in the mean time it also went through many upgrades and new version were released. The latest version is the ES6 version which is mostly adopted by all the browsers. In this time many databases started using it like MongoDB and it was introduced to the server side i.e. Back-end by NodeJS.

Today there are so many frameworks and libraries available in JavaScript that you can do anything you imagine. The most famous ones are ReactJS which is developed by Facebook, VueJS and AngularJS.

So you reached the end of the blog, thanks a lot for reading the whole blog 😀

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