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Machine Learning for JavaScript developers

“OMG… I only needed to implement a simple model !!" is what I said, after finding myself stuck, wasting days and days of my valuable project time learning Python syntax, Python ML libraries, and Python best practices. So, I decided to build a course around this topic to save your time and provide you with what you need to flourish 😄.

If you don’t want to waste time learning another language to implement your ML model, need to learn more about ML libraries in JavaScript or you are simply curious about Machine learning in general. Then check out our new course and signup at where we share news about the course, the course progress, and some free perks.

During our course, we’ll be guiding you through various Machine Learning algorithms and the ways you can implement them effectively in JS. All with the right amount of math that’s good for everybody.

Are there any projects or examples, that we’d be providing? You might be asking. Absolutely, all algorithms will be explained using thorough examples. Not only that, you might also need to get your hands dirty with some challenges we will be providing 😉. Psssst: We’ll also make sure that all of your questions got answered along the journey so don’t be afraid to ask 😉.

For more details head to and join the mailing list where we share news about the course, the course progress, and free videos.

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