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About successful software careers; methods; & making code faster

TL;DR style notes from articles I read today.

7 ways more methods can improve your program

  • Methods help you hide unnecessary details making the code easier to read.
  • Methods that have well-written names make the programs easy to understand.
  • Methods make programs shorter by avoiding duplication of code.
  • Methods ensure that all steps that need to be performed in a certain order always get done in that specific order and leave no room for any half-executed behaviors in your program.
  • Methods help you in simplifying testing, logging & debugging.

Full post here, 8 mins read

5 powerful ways to make your code run faster

  • Optimize only if the program is important and it is genuinely slow.
  • Don’t tune anything without using a good profiling tool first that can help find the hotspots in a program.
  • Enable compiler optimizations to help improve runtime.
  • Tune the code by collecting common subexpressions, replacing expensive operations, eliminating loops, caching frequently used values or rewriting in a lower-level language.
  • Include code inspection into your governance models to remove inefficient snippets.

Full post here, 7 mins read

The five pillars of a successful career in software

  • Sharpen your coding skills through practice, reading blog posts, and relevant coding sites.
  • Develop team communication skills. Accept and provide guidance, feedback and engage with the team. 
  • Watch out for interesting ecosystem movements in open source and commercial software. Be aware of your environment.
  • Set time for reflecting on, and refreshing your personal productivity habits.
  • You are responsible for managing your career. Communicate well with your managers.

Full post here, 4 mins read

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