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Tips for: MongoDB security, choosing right DB, & surviving legacy software

TL;DR style notes from articles I read today.

Top 10 security best practices for MongoDB

  • Enable & configure role-based access control. Configure TLS.

  • Restrict network exposure - ensure the instance is only listening on the localhost interface.

  • Configure system auditing. Stay updated with MongoDB security fixes.

  • Some MongoDB operations let you execute arbitrary JavaScript expressions. Disable JavaScript execution.

  • Understand how queries are handled by frameworks in use and their sanitization and validation capabilities.

Full post here, 7 mins read

How to overcome 5 common database challenges

When choosing a database, consider the following 5 DB challenges and how your choice of DB tackles these.

  • Data Security: use the database’s built-in security features; or use what your company is already using for security purposes; or reinforce both in your application.
  • Performance: Great performance by a database means deployment with good defaults, being able to recognize an operational environment and scaling up the performance automatically as needed.
  • Data Safety: there must be ACID guarantees both across the database and throughout the cluster.
  • Resource Utilization: a good DB must get 100% from the resources it is working on.
  • High Availability: A DB must provide high availability. It should have assignment failover mechanisms.

Full post here, 4 mins read

Practical tips for how to survive and thrive in the chaos of legacy software

  • Treat legacy software as the 3rd party software,  take its output and convert it into a form that can be consumed by a new application or a system that you’re migrating to.

  • Change only what must be changed. Never underestimate the dependencies in legacy software.

  • Rely on TDD. Write a test that fails, write the code so that your test passes, refactor the code, re-run the test to ensure it passes.

  • “Always leave the code you are editing a little better than you found it.”

  • Don’t cut too many corners and try to maintain projects. Show some TLC to legacy software.

Full post here, 6 mins read

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