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mohanarpit profile image Arpit Mohan ・1 min read

The excitement of a new OS or new laptop is palpable. But installing applications that you need to get work done can involve a little drudgery. I formalized the setup in the form of a shell script to ensure that most of the basic applications that I need are installed automatically. You can find the complete script at https://github.com/mohanarpit/Ubuntu-Initializer.

All you need to do is copy the script install_script.sh and execute it. Some of the applications that it installs are:

  • Source Control: Git, SVN
  • Languages: Python, Java, Php, Go, Nodejs
  • Editors: Atom
  • Databases: Mysql
  • Servers: Tomcat, Apache2
  • Utilities: Tmux, fail2ban, jq etc.

It even creates your key pair, if you don't already have one.
As you can see, it's geared towards web developers but nothing stops you from customising the script to add/subtract applications for your needs.

Over the years, this script has saved me & my team from a lot of hours of hunting and installing basic applications.

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