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Mohcine BAADI
Mohcine BAADI

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Vscode is finally available in the browser

A web-based and lightweight version of vscode is now accessible via the web, all you have to do is go to the link, and you will be presented with an instance of vs code.


and to make it even better, sync it (i.e. syncing settings, themes, key bindings, ...etc) with the vscode in your local machine by activating "Settings Sync" and connecting it with either your Microsoft or Github account.

that's it, enjooooy


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emptyother • Edited

It also exist on

Best part: Press . in any of your repositories on GitHub to open it in

Drawback i just found: This doesnt work on gists.

Edit: Okay, seems there is a difference between and One opens up only github projects; the other one can open up local (and remote) files.

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Mohcine BAADI is just an instance of, it may come handy especially if you want to edit a file or multiple files and commit changes, you can do that right in the browser

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Now if I travel somewhere and someone doesn't allow me to install dev-related stuff on their machine for me to work (u know there are people like that who think we as devs will hack their computer!), I can use this.

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nico huidem

Can the code be shared just like in jsfiddle?

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Mohcine BAADI • Edited

It's not actually intended for code sharing, but I guess you can use something like Live server (it's an extension for real time sharing)

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Ostap Brehin

Is there a source code for this thing? Super interesting

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Mohamad Bo Hamad

Can it work offline? When my service is off for a day or 2 or 3 ?

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