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How to Build a Beautiful Calculator Using Simple HTML and CSS

In this article, I am going to show you how to build a beautiful calculator using simple HTML and CSS programming code. You may have built many types of calculators using JavaScript programming code. But if you want to build a calculator very easily, you can do so using HTML programming code. You can easily create a calculator using HTML code. You can design that calculator using CSS code.

This article will be very good for those who know simple HTML and CSS programming code and want to make a calculator. Here I will try to explain to you step by step how to make a calculator with the necessary source code and video. You can easily learn what it is to design in general. Earlier I shared with you the method of making different types of calculators like Neumorphism, responsive, Casio Company, etc. Like a simple calculator, it has all the facilities. Here you can easily solve simple mathematical calculations like addition, division, multiplication, subtraction, etc.

The video below will help you complete this design. If you want to know step by step how to create and learn which programming code is used to create an element. But be sure to watch the video below.

Hopefully by watching the video above you have learned how to make it. You can easily download the required source code by clicking on the download button below.

Demo and Download Source code

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