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⚛️ React Developer Roadmap - beginners guide 🚀

I was thinking to myself, about the steps I followed to learn React and then I asked myself, why not share with all developers? 😊

👾 Strengthen your JavaScript knowledge

If you are reading this post, I assume you already have HTML, CSS and basic JS knowledge, so I'm going to skip those. To be a React Developer, you have to first have solid foundations of JavaScript.
Let me share with you some resources that you can use to increase your JavaScript development skills:

👩‍💻 Learn map, filter and reduce in JavaScript.

Map, reduce, and filter are all array methods in JavaScript. If you start with React, chances are that you use them in a daily basis.

For this topic, I leave you here 2 articles, which are my favorites:

🎨 CSS Frameworks

It's always handy to have help when building applications and css frameworks are always here to the rescue.

  • Material UI - a library created and kept up by Google with many custom options for many different jsx/html tags you’ll want to use
  • React Bootstrap - React Bootstrap is a set of React components that implement Bootstrap framework
  • Semantic UI - development framework that helps create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML

✈️ API's

To create something which communicates with other application you will need to use APIs like REST

A quick and easy to follow tutorial that I advice to watch is the What Is A RESTful API? Explanation of REST & HTTP

⚛️ Learn React

Now that you’re experienced in Advanced JavaScript and API's, let's skip to React. React as a framework is a great choice because it’s quite easy to learn, it’s improving each day and it has a great community.

There are several courses that you can find out there, I'm going to share some that I think it could be interesting:

Official Documentation



🚀 State Management

This is an important area for a React developer to focus on. Some of these points are:

And much more...

You can also check the courses from Stephen and Max in what regards to this topic.

🪐 And it continues

There is so much more to learn about React, but I wanted to keep this article simple, for beginners, like me.
I wrote this article as I was writing for myself, so I hope it helps you when starting this new journey
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migueldevelopez profile image
MiguelDevelopez • Edited

If you recommend the Maximilian Schwarzmüller course in 2021 it is because you didn't start it, I bought it and it was a total waste of money.
40.5 hours where most of it is with classes when you take around 35 hours of the course the hooks start, he didn't update the part of Redux with Redux toolkit, the project that he develops is simply rubbish...
This is my opinion, I think there are other courses that are more worth spending time on.

The rest of the post is nice! Good job!

max updated his course enterily, now is more complete to be honest. At least now is not a scam and there are info about the HOOKS

deepaktmd profile image
Deepak Kumar Thangavel

Mern stack front to back by brad traversy.

monicafidalgo profile image
The Coding Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Thank you for your feedback @migueldevelopez ! That's good to know! I haven't indeed! I did a research for react courses and it seemed nice.

migueldevelopez profile image

It's fine!
I bought it and I watched the 35% and it's not bad if you are newbie with front and you don't care about learn something soo deprecated

Check the net ninja course, in 2 hours you will see like 20 hours of maxi course

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daliboru profile image
Dalibor Belic

Yes! The net ninja's course is amazing! I recommend it to all beginners!

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deepaktmd profile image
Deepak Kumar Thangavel

Actually i learnt react from his modern react playlist. its a great resource to start with react.

jk_shenoy profile image

hi @migueldevelopez Would you still recommend it to someone who's learning react in May 2022? Would love to know your recommendations as well. Thanks.

luisitorey profile image

Sorry for being late.
I think for 10$ is a good way to learn, but you have to practice a lot. Avoid just watch a lot of videos because you won't learn nothing with this approach

harshjains profile image

@migueldevelopez Please suggest then which course should we opt for ?

migueldevelopez profile image

max updated his course, now is more complete to be honest. At least is not a scam

ascensus_mdb profile image
Michal Szymanski • Edited

Nice job, thanks!

For those who are looking for ready to use solutions - I would also recommend this free Bootstrap React UI KIT built with the newest Bootstrap 5 & React 17

adiks profile image
Anton Dikson

Context !== State manager

jenseoul_53 profile image

Really useful reading! I've been debating between Vue and React :( as a web dev beginner.
Thank you for sharing

christiankozalla profile image
Christian Kozalla

Been there. All the hype around react makes it hard to grasp when to use react or compare it with vue for example. I mean, React is great, plus there is a high demand in job market. But when I started Vue it was a lot more straightforward.

So don't hesitate trying Vue - it's really nice

monicafidalgo profile image
The Coding Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

I also enjoy Vue a lot!

fersa profile image

Great introduction and flow. Thank you :)

sbu_05 profile image
Sibusiso Dlamini

I really enjoyed and am still enjoying Stephen grider's Udemy course. I would definitely recommend to anyone who would want to get serious about learning it 😂

eullerpeixoto profile image
Euller Peixoto

Hey! Thanks for sharing!

anonymousm profile image

thanks, but how did you make it from marine biology into development? I would be interested to know that lol.

coolscratcher profile image

Woah! Definitely using this sometime.

matjs profile image


devmedtz profile image
DevMed • Edited

Thanks for great tutorial, I real enjoyed