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Monica Granbois
Monica Granbois

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Hi, I'm Monica

I have coded professionally for 10 years.

You can find me on GitHub as MonicaG and twitter as @mgranbois

I'm currently running around after my kids and coding in my free time (which isn't much). I hope to work as a software developer again in the future.

My background is in enterprise Java development. I worked for many years at an e-commerce site. I worked on many areas including: inventory, user registration, billing and credit card transactions.

I am currently learning the Swift language. I have also learned a bit of Python in my time off. I wrote a twitter bot and did some PRs for the Mozilla web QA team. 😊

I have followed ThePracticalDev on twitter for awhile and thought it was time to join the site!

Nice to meet you!

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Ben Halpern

Yay! Great to have you on the site, Monica!