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Pre-compiled pytorch versions

I had just found about a repository that just saved my bacon so I decided to share it with you guys.

If you go to pytorch's website, you'll be given a lot of choices to install it:

Alt Text

The thing is, if you want to install a different version than the one listed (1.7.1 as of today) you'll begin a not very pleasant treasure hunt.

There's a repo that somehow took me quite a while to find here:
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But you don't need to click on it! You can ask pip to fetch it for you:

pip[3] install pytorch==1.6.0+cu101 -f
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And voilá, your package will be installed automagically!

Now some extra tips:

  1. Some cuda versions are considered "default". For instance if you look for 1.6.0+cu102 you won't find it, that's because installing pip install cuda==1.6.0 will automatically fetch cuda's 10.2 version.

  2. If you're a masochist and need the CPU-only version: pip install 1.6.0+cpu

  3. To save this repo on your requirements.txt, just add this as the first line of it:


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Happy torching!

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